Welcome to the CUNY SPS OpenLab!

The OpenLab is a place for the CUNY SPS community to connect and collaborate.

A Place to Connect, Work, and Share: the CUNY SPS OpenLab is an open-source digital platform where students, faculty, and staff can meet to learn, work, and share their ideas. Its goals are to support teaching and learning, enable connection and collaboration, and strengthen the intellectual and social life of the college community.

An Open Lab: Unlike closed online teaching systems, the OpenLab allows classes across the curriculum to communicate with one another and the world beyond CUNY SPS. Like a lab, it provides a space where faculty and students can work together, experiment, and innovate.

By CUNY, for CUNY: The OpenLab was created for the CUNY community by a team that includes CUNY faculty, staff, and current and former students. We want you to be involved – please share your ideas for the site and your thoughts on how it can be improved.

Open Source Software: We’ve built the OpenLab using the open-source blogging, publishing, and social networking platforms WordPress and BuddyPress. We’re proud to be part of an educational community committed to open-source technologies.

Want to see what’s possible on the OpenLab? Take our tour or check out our archive of work that’s been featured in the spotlight for some great examples of Campus Resources, Projects, Student Organizations, and Portfolios. Check out the Open Road, our site for keeping you up to date on OpenLab news and events, and Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab, our site for discussing and sharing resources on open digital pedagogy. OpenLab members, we encourage you to join these sites to receive notification about new content and events.

Interested in launching an OpenLab at your campus? The OpenLab team has partnered with the Commons In A Box team at The Graduate Center, CUNY to create Commons In A Box OpenLab, a free open-source platform for teaching, learning, and collaboration modeled on the OpenLab. Visit the Commons In A Box OpenLab Community Hub site to see it in action and learn more.

Need More Information? Contact us for more information about the OpenLab.

Adapted from the City Tech OpenLab – CC BY-SA-NC 4.0