Manage membership

You must be an admin to make membership changes.

1. Go to the Campus Resource or Student Organization Home and click Membership in the right hand menu. 

2. You’ll find two main areas. The major portion of the page (where all the avatars are), and the submenu just above them where you can accept Member Requests, Invite New Members, Email Members, or change Your Email Options.

3. Here you can change a member’s role (see more details in the section below) or the email settings for any member of the course or project.

Managing Member Roles and Capabilities

There are two places to manage member roles and capabilities on your Campus Resource or Student Organization.

When you make changes  in Home > Settings > Membership these changes will affect roles on your site as well.

  1. To change a member’s role here, find the member you would like to change, then click on the role or action you want. The roles/actions include:
  • Kick and ban – Removes the user from the course or project until the admin unbans that user
  • Promote to mod – Allows the user to serve as a moderator in the course or project. A moderator can edit course or project details; edit, close, and delete forum topics; and edit and delete docs.
  • Promote to admin – Allows the user to serve as an admin. Admins can do anything a moderator can do, plus change course or project settings (such as changing privacy settings and turning on and off plug-ins). They can also change the avatar, manage membership, and delete the course or project.
  • Remove from course or project – Removes the user, but does not ban them. The user can rejoin or request membership without admin action.

The Home and Site roles map as follows:  Admin –> Site Admin, Mod –> Site Editor, Regular Member –> Site Author.  Banning or Removing a member removes them from the site as well.

You can also change roles on the Site Dashboard that will not affect roles on the Home.  For example, you could change a member’s role on the site from author to editor.  

Accepting Member Requests

1. To accept (or reject) Member Requests, simply click Member Requests, then click Accept or Reject next to the requesting member’s avatar.

Inviting New Members

1. To invite new members, click Invite New Members. From there you’ll see two options for inviting OpenLab members to join your course or project you can type their name directly into the search bar, or you can look for them in the drop down menu.

2. Once you’ve found them, click Send Invite.

Emailing Members

1. To send a message to all members in the group, click Email Members. You’ll be taken to the page shown below, where you can fill out a subject, type the email, and then click Send Notice. To send a message to members individually, you’ll want to visit their profile.

2. You can also enable a welcome email, which will be sent automatically every time someone new joins the group. Check the box for Enable welcome email, and then fill out the subject and content of the message, and click the Save button at the bottom.

Changing Your Email Options

1. Clicking Your Email Options changes only how you yourself receive emails related to the course or project. If you want to adjust how members receive those emails, see above.

This article is adapted from City Tech OpenLab Help, under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

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