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When you are viewing a post or a page on a Campus Resource, Student Organization, or Portfolio Site, you will usually have the option of leaving a comment to respond to the content of a post or a page (e.g., expand a conversation, answer a question, etc.). Sometimes comments have been limited to only logged in OpenLab members, so if you expect to leave a comment but don’t see a comment box, check that you’re logged in. 

1. To leave a comment on a site, click on the title to view the post or page where you would like to leave a comment. Scroll down to the bottom of the post or page where you want to leave a comment. You’ll see the comment box at the bottom below the heading, “Leave a Reply.”  This may look a little different, depending on the site, but it will be similar to what is described here.

2. You can also leave a comment by clicking the link for the number of comments beneath the post title. It will say “0 Comments” if no one has commented, or “2 Comments”, etc. Depending on the theme or design of the site, it may say “Leave a comment” if there aren’t any comments yet.

3. Type your comment in the box, and when you’re finished, press the Post Comment button.

This article is adapted from City Tech OpenLab Help, under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

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