Clone your campus resource or student organization 

Cloning will create an exact copy of an existing campus resource or student organization, keeping all content created or uploaded by an admin, but any work created by members will not be copied over.  

1. After logging in, go to the Campus Resource or Student Organization Home of the group you would like to clone. Beneath the campus resource avatar you will see a button to Clone this Campus Resource or Student Organization.

Step One: Campus Resource or Student Organization Creation

1. The Clone Existing button should be chosen by default, and the campus resource or student organization you are cloning should be selected in the dropdown. If not, choose it.

2. Choose the name for your campus resource or student organization. This name will also be used to create the URL for the campus resource or student organization Home. When you tab to or click the URL field, it will be automatically populated, based on the name.

3. You can upload an avatar that reflects the subject or topic of your campus resource or student organization, but this is not required. If you have an image file ready that you would like to use as your avatar, drag it into the Upload box, or click Select your File. If you don’t have an image now, you can always add one later.

5. Add a required description. You can always add to or change this later.

5. Select your Sharing Settings – enabling shared cloning allows other OpenLab members to be able to clone your campus resource or student organization, allowing them to reuse, remix, transform, and build upon the material in the group.

6. By default, you will be listed as the contact. Once more members join you can change the contact, or add multiple contacts.

7. You can choose to add a category, or skip this step. 

8. Finally, choose the privacy settings, then click Create and Continue.

Step Two: Associated Site Creation

1. Creating a campus resource or student organization will also allow you to create an associated WordPress site. You don’t need to create a site, but if you want to, check ‘Set up a site?’ 

2. ‘Create a new site’ will be selected by default. The web address, what you see in the location bar of your browser, will be automatically filled in based on what you choose for the campus resource or student organization name, but you can change this. You can also associate your group with an external site, hosted outside of the OpenLab.

3. If there is more than one template for your type of site, choose the one you want to use here. Templates include things like pre-created pages and categories that are appropriate for your site.

4. Choose the privacy settings for the site. These are separate from the ones you chose in the previous step, for the campus resource or student organization Home.

5. Last are Member Role Settings. These settings determine what roles members will have on the associated site when new members join.

For most campus resources or student organizations, you will want to leave the settings as they are. You can also make changes to individual member roles in Membership settings and on the site Dashboard. You can find out more about each type of role by clicking on the Member Role and Site Member Role Definitions links.  

Click Next Step at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Invite Members

1. If you would like to invite members to your campus resource, start typing their display name.  When a dropdown list appears, select their name from the list.  Their name and avatar will appear under the heading Invites.  When you’re finished, or if you do not wish to invite anyone at this time (you can always do it later!), click Finish, at the bottom of the page.

After you click Finish, your campus resource will be cloned, and you will be on the Campus Resource or Student Organization Home. From here, you can change settings such as privacy, the campus resource description, or the avatar.  You can also access your Campus Resource or Student Organization Site and Dashboard (the admin panel, where you will edit and add content to your site).

Please note:

  • All posts and pages you created on the previous campus resource site will be in draft form on the new site. You will need to publish them in order for them to appear on the site and be accessible to site members.
  • If you had a custom menu it will be activated on the new site, but this can be edited at any time.
  • Any posts you created in the Discussion forum, Docs you created, or Files you uploaded in the previous campus resource will appear in the new campus resource. You can keep these or delete any as necessary.
  • The theme and header image will remain the same, although you may change these at any time.  In addition, any plugins or widgets you had activated on your old site will appear on the new site.

This article is adapted from City Tech OpenLab Help, under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

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