Utilizing the Instructor Profile Widget on Brightspace 


The single profile or instructor profile widget on Brightspace allows instructors to provide students with essential information about themselves, fostering a more personalized learning environment. Follow these steps to set up and utilize the single profile widget effectively: 

Getting Started: 

1. Find your Single Profile Widget and Enter Edit Mode 

Once in your course, scroll down to find your Single Profile Widget. It is right below the Visual Table of Contents Widget. 

Click on the 3-dot icon on the upper right corner of your Single Profile Widget and select “Widget Properties” to enter the edit mode. 

2. Edit Widget Properties 

To edit each section of your profile widget, follow these steps: 

Heading: Click on the text field next to “Heading” and delete the existing text “USER PROFILE”. Type in “MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR” or similar. 

Display Name: Click on the text field under “Display Name” where it reads “User Name”. Delete this text and replace it with your name. 

Avatar: To upload a picture, click on the icon that resembles a camera or picture in the avatar box. Follow the prompts to upload an image of yourself to your computer or device. 

“About Me” Section: Click on the text box titled “About Me” and type in “Contact Information”. 

Large Text Box: Click inside the large text box under your name and fill it with the information to share with your students, such as your email, contact information, office hours, and any other important details you want them to know. 

Social Media Links: If you wish to include your Facebook or Twitter (X) link, click on the corresponding text field under “Facebook” and “X” and type your profile URLs. If you do not wish to add any social media links or want to remove an existing one, delete the text in the fields.   

After making all your changes, be sure to click the “Save” button to apply the updates to your profile. If you decide not to make any changes, you can click “Cancel” to exit without saving. 

3. Preview 

It’s a good idea to preview your course page as a student to ensure the profile widget appears correctly and contains all the necessary information. 

Adding Instructor information in Content

You may wish to have a section in Course Information for additional instructor info. In this item, you can include your “about me” video, your professional background, and any other information you wish to share with students.

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