Welcome to the CUNY SPS LMS Transition project site, designed exclusively for our upcoming transition from Blackboard to Brightspace. We hope this website will serve a useful role in keeping everyone informed about the project’s progress and providing a centralized repository for resources. 

Blackboard transitioning to Brightspace

Stay Up-to-Date with Project Progress: Find the latest news, milestones achieved, and upcoming activities that are part of the transition process. We will regularly share progress reports, key insights, and other pertinent information to keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the project journey.

Resource Repository for Easy Access: We will build out documentation, references, FAQs, links to user guides and training materials, and other relevant resources so that everyone has easy access to the information needed to navigate the changes..

Communication: Effective collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital during this transitional phase, so this site will also provide channels for you to ask questions, share insights, and provide feedback.

Call to Action: We welcome you to visit the rest of the project site and learn more about the transition at how it will be managed at SPS. We also invite you to join one of the committees that will help move this project forward at our school. 

Thank you for any feedback you’d like to share so that we can streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and ensure a smooth transition for everyone!