Join a Committee!

Since the LMS is integral to school operations, the transition will be managed by a steering committee and four specialized implementation committees. We invite members of the SPS community (faculty, staff, students) to join one or more of these committees.

Committees will begin their work in Fall 2023 and continue through the migration in Spring 2024 and implementation in Summer 2024.

CUNY SPS students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join! Please complete this form to Join a Committee.

  • Communications Committee
    • Focus area: plan and design messaging for the community
    • Co-chairs: Matt Lewis and Linda Paradiso
  • Pedagogy and Practice Committee:
    • Focus area: develop recommendations and best practices related to teaching on the platform
    • Co-chairs: Antonia Levy and Elizabeth Alsop
  • Technical Committee
    • Focus area: review and make recommendations on technical issues for the platform and for integrations with other systems
    • Co-chairs: José Muñiz and Ericke Wong
  • Training and Support Committee
    • Focus area: assess needs and develop training and support plans for faculty, staff and students
    • Co-chairs: Sarah Kresh and Lianna Scull

In addition to the four implementation committees, the governance structure includes:

  • Steering committee:
    • Key responsibility: setting committee priorities, decision making and risk escalation
    • Chair: CUNY SPS Dean
  • Project and Change Management Team:
    • Key responsibility: tracking progress and work from committees and other staff involved in migration, regularly reporting on status and concerns to Steering Committee
    • Chair: Ruru Rusmin
    • Project Manager: Tanichea Blackstock
    • Members: co-chairs of all the implementation committees