Planning for the LMS transition and project management (tracking, status reports, risk management) are ongoing. Here is a tentative timeline for implementation of the Brightspace LMS:

Fall 2023

  • All courses are taught in Blackboard
  • The SPS LMS Transition Committees are meeting regularly – see Organization page details
  • The setup of the CUNY-wide Brightspace environment is complete.
  • The SPS Brightspace node is being customized with our local preferences and digital tools
  • Summer 2023 course sites are migrated to Brightspace by Dec. 15, 2023
  • Faculty may:
    • Access Brightspace:
    • Review the Brightspace Resource Course for Instructors
    • Create practice sites to learn and explore in Brightspace
    • Receive support from D2L via chat, email, and phone on a 24/7, 365 day/year basis
  • CUNY Central team offers Brightspace demos and Q&A sessions

Winter 2023

  • All courses are taught in Blackboard
  • SPS Brightspace Essentials Mini-Course is available for Faculty
  • Migration of development sites for 3, 7, and 10 week courses begins Jan. 2024
  • CUNY begins offering Brightspace Basics, a 4-workshop series, in January

Spring 2024

  • All courses are taught in Blackboard
  • Training and demonstration sessions are currently available for faculty
  • Migration of 3-week, 4-week, 7-week, and 10-week Dev sites are complete
  • Students access to Brightspace is targeted for April 3
  • Migration of the 15-week Dev sites targeted for migration by April 15
  • Brightspace day is April 15! See the Training page for details
  • Creation of the summer live course sites will start April 3
  • Summer live course site preparation begins April 17

Summer 2024

  • All courses are taught in Brightspace
  • Blackboard continues to be available through the end of 2025
  • Summer classes for terms 1 and 2 start May 29
  • Creation of Fall 2024 course shells begins June 5
  • Fall term course preparation begins on June 19

Fall 2024

  • All courses and campus-based organizations will be conducted in Brightspace