Universal Design & Accessibility Training Series

Our ongoing training series covers topics related to Universal Design in Learning (UDL) and Accessibility. For dates and registration, see the list of our monthly scheduled training sessions, or register for a one-on-one training with us on any of the topics listed below, or a combination thereof. For instructional materials, see our Accessibility Resources Site.

Making Your Blackboard Site Accessible to All
It is easy to make your Blackboard course more accessible to students with different abilities, learning preferences, and language skills. This training will show you how to make your online course environment easy to navigate, what to consider when posting different types of materials on your course site, as well as the basics of accessible text, images, and hyperlinks.

Adding Captions to Your Videos on YouTube
In this session, we will introduce the easy-to-use captioning tool in YouTube which can help make your course videos be accessible to all. We’ll also discuss best practices for using scripts when recording your video and adding captions.

Creating Accessible Word Documents
In this training, we will demonstrate best practices for formatting Word documents to make them accessible to screen readers, including using “Styles” to add headings, tagging images and tables, as well as using Word’s built-in accessibility checker. These practices are also recommended for making organized, well-structured documents of all kinds.

Creating Accessible PDF Documents
In this training we will cover how to create accessible PDFs from accessible Word documents. We will also explain how to convert an inaccessible scanned document using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard or Professional. This process is essential for students using screen readers, but is also very helpful for all students as it makes your content instantly searchable.

Creating Accessible Excel Documents
This training will show you how to create Excel documents with accessibility considerations for your visually impaired as well as sighted students. From font selection to color coding, table formatting to labeling, you will learn how to make your Excel files easier for all of your students to process and absorb.

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Documents
Visual presentations can be a great tool to engage your students. This training will show you how to enhance the clarity of the information you share via PowerPoint using clear text, color contrast, templates, content, and organization. We will also explain how to save PowerPoint files  With these considerations in place your presentations will be more accessible to all of your students.