Faculty Development Day

Faculty Development Day 2022

Faculty Development Day 2022
Inclusive Teaching: Reaching All Students
Thursday, May 5th, 2022, 2-5pm

Thank you to all our FDD speakers and participants! This year’s theme is Inclusive Teaching: Reaching All Students. Faculty colleagues will share pedagogical approaches, teaching strategies, and instructional tools that increase equity by actively identifying and removing barriers to learning. Included in the program will be the inaugural CUNY SPS Open Showcase, which highlights Open Pedagogy, an approach to inclusive teaching.

We would also ask you to share any thoughts, images, and relevant links related to inclusive teaching strategies along with any experiences you’ve had on our padlet page. Feel free to post more than once and to interact with your colleagues at CUNY SPS Faculty Development Day 2022 (padlet)!


2:00 Welcome to Faculty Development Day from Ruru Rusim & Greetings from Dean Silva-Puras

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2:15 Introduction to the CUNY SPS Open Showcase, Jennifer Sparrow

2:20 Keep it Real! Engaging Adult Learners with Renewable Assignments, Stephanie Carey (Health Information Management) Open Showcase
Adult Learners seek to apply what they have learned in their coursework to their “real-world” life. This case study shows how Public Health students can create a video/podcast to describe health conditions in their neighborhood, apply the principles learned in their coursework, and create tools for advocacy to address these conditions.

2:40 Padlet Backchannel, Antonia Levy
An open discussion and activity to populate the Padlet backchannel.

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3:05 Introduction to Active Video, Sarah Ruth Jacobs

3:10 Collaborative Content Video Lessons, Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles (General Education) Open Showcase
How to create interactive content video lessons that help students create, develop on prior learning, produce a classroom community while teaching self-thinking skills that increase intrinsic quantity and purpose as students achieve learning goals.​

3:30 Enhancing Faculty-Student Connection using Voice and Video Threads, Lilly Mathew (Nursing)
This presentation will include faculty experience of using Voice and Video Threads in an asynchronous online learning environment.

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3:55 Introduction to Assessment Alternatives, Elizabeth Alsop

4:00 Romancing The [Cap]Stone: Integrating student self-evaluation and instructor customization into course design, Nina Hien (Communication and Media)
This presentation will sketch out some of the decisions made in the redesign of the Communication & Media capstone form from a topic-focused course into a project-oriented workshop that can be taught by multiple instructors. Alternative assessment strategies and ungrading will be considered.

4:20 Empowering Students through Assignment Language Choice, Jan Kaminsky (Nursing)
This action workshop will begin with a short presentation on the strengths and challenges of empowering students to submit a given assessment (such as a narrative paper or other non-collaborative writing assignment) in their preferred language, which could be a language other than English, followed by a brief overview of similar practices at other CUNY colleges and an exploration of options for use by CUNY SPS faculty in the fall 2022 and upcoming semesters.

4:50 Wrap-Up

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If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to facultysupport@sps.cuny.edu.


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