Panopto for SPS Faculty

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Introducing Panopto

Matt Lewis introduces the Panopto tool to CUNY SPS:thumbnail preview image of video with play button

Getting Started with Panopto:

Required Browser Settings

When accessing Panopto from Blackboard a pop-up window is needed to log in users (instructors and students). The pop up opens, logs in the user, and closes in a couple seconds. This needs to happen once per Blackboard session. Users must also enable Third Party Cookies. We’ve documented steps you can share with your students if video playback is interrupted by either of these settings:

Using Panopto on Blackboard Mobile:

Users that access Blackboard through the Blackboard Mobile app or the Blackboard Instructor app will need to adjust settings on their device to allow for pop-up windows.  Additionally, iOS devices must allow for cross-site tracking.  Please see the following documents for details on these settings:

Advanced Panopto Features:

Configuring Panopto in your Blackboard Course (Dev Sites Only)

Faculty working in a Development site or Master Dev site may need to configure Panopto in their site.  All live sites each term are automatically configured.  If you need to configure your Dev Site, please follow these steps: How to configure Panopto in your Blackboard Course.

Adding Captions

At SPS we strive to ensure our courses are accessible to all.  To that end we have secured a professional captioning service, 3Play Media, to caption all video content used in academic courses.  Through 3Play and Panopto the addition of professionally captioned content is streamlined.

Request Captions Button

Do you need a video captioned?  Please complete this form to request captions.