OFDIT Faculty Advisory Board

The OFDIT Faculty Advisory board at CUNY SPS plays an important role in planning and organizing Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology (OFDIT) events, and guide the direction of OFDIT programming and activities. Advisory Board members will also serve as liaisons to programs and publicize OFDIT events and initiatives to colleagues.


Board functions include:

  • Provide advice, counsel, and input into the programming and research activities of OFDIT and ensure that programming remains relevant and inclusive across disciplines and programs.
  • Assist with assessing faculty needs and interests, and with offering faculty development programming.
  • Serve as “FacDev Advocates” by promoting faculty development programming within academic programs.
  • Evaluate and assess OFDIT’s programming based on the unit’s goals and objectives.
  • Participate in the selection process for the Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award.


  • The Board consists of 6 faculty members from different programs, plus two ex-officio members from the Office of Disability Services and from IT.
  • The Board is chaired by the director or associate director of OFDIT.

Members of OFDIT Faculty Advisory Board 2023/24

Name Program
Elizabeth Alsop (2023-25) Communication and Media
Bradley Gardener (2022-24) ISDS
Lilly Mathew (2023-25) Nursing
Faime Moussavi (2023-25) Business
Jeanneth Sangurima Quiles (2022-24) General Education
Richard Schumaker (2022-24) General Education
Chris Kchao (ex officio) Office of Accessibility
TBA (ex officio) IT

Membership Selection

  • Membership selection will occur annually and members serve on the Board for staggered two-year terms.
  • Members may self-nominate, be nominated by current members of the Advisory Board, or be recommended by Academic Directors.
  • Member selection will prioritize representation from different programs, especially programs that have not been recently represented, as well as new members.


  • Members will serve two-year terms and are not limited to one term.
  • The board will meet monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters, and commit to some remote work outside of these meetings. Potential subcommittees might meet more often.
  • Members will be eligible to apply for a grant toward registration fees for workshops or conferences related to teaching and learning professional development.


I have taught professional communication at SPS for seven years and have admiration and respect for our students.  As an SPS Faculty Advisory Board member, I am committed to fostering dialogue between all elements of the SPS world.  – Richard Schumaker, General Education (Member 2022-24)

I joined FAB because I believe in representing adjuncts within SPS, in learning while improving our courses and in sharing with colleagues and students. As educators, we must first be active learners, be willing to question and share the knowledge among colleagues. We need to apply to the established educational profession new emerging teaching concepts in order to grow in our society both at home and globally. I hope to continue learning, evolving, and sharing new knowledge. I aspire to create a gaming style Spanish course alongside the traditional Spanish teaching. – Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles, General Education (Member 2021-24)

I joined the Faculty Advisory Board because I deeply care about community here at SPS. With the assistance of my colleagues I desire to help make faculty aware of the truly amazing work that OFDIT does. – Bradley Gardener, General Education / Communication and Media / ISDS (Member 2021-24)

The Faculty Advisory Board facilitates communication and understanding between administrators, staff, and faculty in a small group setting. We hope to be able to use the board as a way to more closely meet the needs of faculty with regard to professional development offerings at SPS. – Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Liberal Studies / Communication and Media / General Education (Member 2021-23)