Workshop: Adult Learners, Andragogy, and Active Learning

OFDIT invites CUNY SPS faculty to participate in the Adult Learners, Andragogy, and Active Learning asynchronous workshop.

As an institution that primarily serves adult learners, we recognize that adult learners have unique needs that require additional supports and approaches to teaching. Learn the theories, strategies, and activities that will enable you to better meet the needs of your students. When student learning needs are met, they are both successful and satisfied with their learning experience. Use this training to help improve your own teaching. If you are an instructor, a trainer, or if you are a leader who works with adult learners, this workshop is for you.

Learning Objectives
1. Examine a variety of alternative teaching approaches and issues as they apply to adult learners.
2. Explore important instructional issues associated with course design and syllabus construction with an emphasis on adult learning theories.
3. Review research exploring teaching excellence and how it applies to adult learners.

This asynchronous workshop is open now to all CUNY SPS faculty/staff.

Compensation and Eligibility
The funding limit for adjunct faculty compensation has been reached.  If more funding becomes available OFDIT will announce that here and through the OFDIT Newsletter.

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Join us as we explore and discuss strategies for adult learners, andragogy and active learning.