ePortfolio at CUNY SPS

In general, ePortfolios are a learning tool that help students create a virtual identity and track their academic growth throughout a course or program. In their ePortfolio, SPS students reflect on their academic work, make meaningful connections across their curriculum and integrate academic learning with their professional and personal experience. Additionally, ePortfolios provide an environment to break learning barriers by creating conversations around learning that go beyond the classroom.

See ePortfolio in action: CUNY SPS Annual Student Showcase

An ePortfolio created by an SPS student is owned by the student for life.  After graduation, students may access their work directly from the Digication website: https://cunyonline.digication.com

Accessing Digication at CUNY SPS

SPS uses the Digication platform to create and manage ePortfolios. It has been incorporated as a Blackboard Tool Link (LTI) to facilitate students’ access. Faculty and students are able to enter their ePortfolio directly from their Blackboard course.  Faculty who use ePortfolio into their Blackboard course, can refer to the Digication/Blackboard page on the ePortfolio Faculty Resource Site. Additionally, faculty seeking individual support can access our assistance channels below.

ePortfolio Support

The ePortfolio Team provides technical and administrative support for all platform users. We encourage both faculty and students to seek help both synchronous and asynchronous modalities.

  • Team Email: ePortfolios@sps.cuny.edu, primary contact for all ePortfolio related inquiries.
  • Resource Site: guides users with essential platform information and tutorials.
  • Support Session: 1:1 virtual session to guide users with ePortfolio help.
  • User Workshop: guided virtual group sessions that assist users in navigating ePortfolio.

You can access student support or faculty support resources to learn more.

Current ePortfolio Use

ePortfolio is used across 16 programs in a variety of ways from project-based to program-focused ePortfolios. Here is a list of our ePortfolio Program Guide (PDF) where you can find a current list of ePortfolios at CUNY SPS.