Copying Panopto Videos into a Blackboard Course Folder

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Panopto is the CUNY SPS video platform integrated in Blackboard. Each Blackboard course site will have in Panopto a corresponding Video Folder. Viewing permissions are granted to those that have access to the Video Folder. Students enrolled in the course will automatically be given the proper permissions to view recordings created in or copied to the course site’s Video Folder. This guide will show you how to copy recordings from any folder on Panopto directly into your course’s Panopto folder.

Step 1: Go to the course on Blackboard you’d like to add a Panopto video.

Step 2: Once you are in the course, select Tools from the course menu.
Step 3: Select Panopto Content.

Step 4: You are now in the Panopto course folder. Students enrolled in your course will automatically have permissions to view videos stored in this folder. To manage and organize videos, click on the Open in Panopto button.

Step 5: The new window opens to your account on the Panopto portal. Locate your recordings from My Folder. If you have used Ensemble previously – you will find your migrated recordings in the Ensemble Migration subfolder.

Step 6: Hover your mouse over the recording(s) you’d like to Copy. Click on the radio button in the top left of the video thumbnail.

Step 7: Select Copy.

Step 8: In the field to Copy Video(s) to, you can either type the Course ID or click the drop-down menu and select the course in the Blackboard Courses folder. In this example our Blackboard course name is “SPS_Test_Digication.”

Step 9: Select Copy and wait for the action to be completed or marked as Done before closing the window.

You have now successfully copied the Panopto recording(s) into your Blackboard course folder.

Do you have any questions? For Panopto tutorials and resources visit our support site or send us an email at