Creating Secondary Grade Display for Final Grades

CUNY Blackboard now offers an option for faculty to display final grades in the CUNY SPS letter grade scheme. We recommend adding a “secondary grade display” to the final grade column in the Grade Center to make entering final grades into CUNYfirst easier.

Note: While the primary display for a Grade Center column in Blackboard is visible to both the instructor in the Grade Center as well as to students in My Grades, the secondary display is only visible to the instructor.

To add a secondary display of grades, click on the downward arrow next to the Total or Weighted Total column’s title and select “Edit Column Information.”

On the next page, under Secondary Display, select either “Letter SPS Undergrad” or “Letter SPS Grad” (depending on the level of your course) for this column. Then, click Submit to save your changes.

Important: Make sure you select “Letter SPS Undergrad” or “Letter SPS Grad” (not “Letter”) from the menu so that letter grades will be calculated according to the CUNY SPS grading schema.

This will display the SPS letter grade in parentheses next to the total score, which is the grade you will enter as final grade into CUNYfirst at the end of the semester.