Embedding a YouTube Video onto Blackboard with the HTML Editor

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This guide will cover how to embed a YouTube video into your Blackboard course with the use of Blackboard’s HTML editor.

For more ways on how to add a YouTube video to a Blackboard course, view the Adding YouTube Videos into Blackboard page.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube video.
Step 2: Select Share.Step 3: Select Embed.Step 4: Select Copy to copy the code.Step 5: Create or Edit any item type within Blackboard that utilizes a content editor (ex: Announcements, Discussions, Content Items, etc.).

Step 6: In the content editor, select the More icon (three ellipses) to expand the full toolbar and then select the Source Code icon (< >).Step 7: Paste the code in the Source Code editor followed by Save.Step 8: Make sure to fill out any required fields and select Submit.Do you have more questions? Visit our support site for tutorials and links to resources. Or send us an email at FacultySupport@sps.cuny.edu.