Enabling Pop-ups for Blackboard to View Panopto Videos (Mozilla Firefox)

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Panopto is the CUNY SPS video platform integrated in Blackboard. This guide is to help access and view Panopto recordings by allowing pop-ups on their browser.

Enabling pops-ups for Blackboard will allow Blackboard and Panopto to communicate and allow users to view Panopto recordings, by logging users into the Panopto server with their CUNY credentials.

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: In the top right menu select the menu button three horizontal lines, followed by Settings.

Step 3: Select Privacy and Security from the left sidebar.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Permissions section and select Exceptions to the right of Block pop-up windows.


Step 5: Enter the Blackboard URL https://bbhosted.cuny.edu/ in the Address of Website field followed by Allow and Save Changes.

You have now successfully adjusted your pop-up settings to allow Blackboard pop-ups on Mozilla Firefox.

Do you have any questions? For Panopto tutorials and resources visit our support site or send us an email at FacultySupport@sps.cuny.edu.