Grading Assignments in Blackboard with Box View

Blackboard has recently changed its inline grading platform from Crocodoc to Box View, so if you are already familiar with inline grading in Blackboard, the interface will look a little different.

When grading an uploaded assignment in Blackboard, Box View allows you to use inline grading to interact with your students’ work (similar to the “Review” function in Microsoft Word) without having to download the files or to leave Blackboard. You can highlight text and add comments to provide feedback. These mark ups will then be viewable in the grading history for instructors, as well as under My Grades for students.

Important: Inline grading will only work if students upload their submissions as files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files. Work submitted by pasting into the text editor is viewable, but you will not be able to interact with it using Box View.

For more details see Blackboard Help: Assignment Inline Grading or watch the video below:

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