How to Add the Panopto Application Tool Link in Blackboard

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This guide will demonstrate how to add a direct link to Panopto in two places; first, on the left-hand navigation menu, and then as a link on a content page. These links enable you and your students (if made available) to directly access Panopto in one click.

Step 1: Go to the course in Blackboard where you wish to add the Panopto application link. 

Step 2: The first link we’ll add is to the left-hand navigation. Look in the top left corner of the menu and hover over the “Add menu item” button. It looks like a plus sign in a circle, then click on “Tool link.”

Step 3: In the “Name” field, type in “Panopto,” or whatever you deem appropriate. In the “Type” pull down menu, select “Panopto Course Tools Application” from the list. You can decide if you want this link to be “Available to Users” by checking the box. When complete, click Submit.

Step 4: By default, the new link is added to the bottom of the menu. You now have the option to position the link higher in the menu, if desired. Just hover your mouse over the edge of the menu item. When your cursor turns into a crosshair, click and drag the menu item up to the desired position.

You’ve successfully added the application tool link to the left-hand navigation menu! Go ahead and click it to test it out. You will be taken to your Panopto Course Folder where you can use the “Create” button to record or upload video.

Note: Faculty working in a Development site or Master Dev site may need to configure Panopto in their site. All live sites are automatically configured for each term.  If you need to configure your Dev Site, please follow these steps outlined in the How to Configure Panopto in your Blackboard Course guide.

Step 5: Now, let’s add a direct link to the Panopto Application to a Content page. Navigate to the content page where you’d like to add this link.

Step 6: Hover over the “Tools” drop down menu, then select “More Tools” at the bottom of the list, then click on “Panopto Course Tools Application.

Step 7: On the following screen, you can change the link name or leave it as “Panopto Content.” In the Content Editor, you can enter any information you’d like your students to know about this link and then check that the options are as you desire.

Step 8: Click Submit.

You’ve successfully added a direct link to Panopto onto your navigation menu and onto a content page!

Do you have any questions? For Panopto tutorials and resources visit our support site or send us an email at