How to Configure Panopto in Blackboard

Access to Panopto, the SPS video hosting platform, is automatically activated for all Live Blackboard course sites. Faculty working on a Development Site or Master Dev Site may need to configure Panopto in order to gain access. If you need to configure your Dev Site, please follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Go to the course in Bb where you wish to configure Panopto.

Step 2: Click the “Tools” item in the navigation menu.

If you don’t see the Tools Menu, you can add it:

  • Step 2a: On your left-nav menu, hover over the “Add menu item” (looks like a plus sign in a circle), then select “Tool link.”
  • Step 2b: In the “Name” field, type in “Tools”, in the “Type” field, select “Tools Area” from the drop-down menu. You can decide if you want this new link to be “Available to Users” by checking the box.
  • Step 2c: “Click Submit”

Now that you’ve added Tools to the navigation menu, click it.

Step 3: In the list of tools, find “Panopto Content” and click it.

Step 4: On the following screen you’ll see the “Configure Button,” click it.

Note: If you don’t see the configure button, but instead see the Panopto Content screen, then your course has already been configured. You can stop here and start using Panopto.

Step 5: Click on the drop-down menu and select CUNY SPS and then click “Add Course to Panopto.”

Be sure to change to the menu to CUNY SPS.  Do not choose Hostos.

Step 6: Next you’ll see the Provisioning Results page with the message “Successfully provisioned course…” Click on the “Return to course” button.

You’ve successfully added Panopto to your Bb course! The next time you click the Panopto Content link, the application will automatically launch inside Blackboard.

Do you have questions? Visit our support site for tutorials and links to resources. Or send us an email at