How to Create a Video Quiz in Panopto

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Panopto allows faculty to create quiz questions within any Panopto video at any point during the presentation. This guide will demonstrate how to create and edit a quiz as well as how to review the quiz results.

Please refer to the How to Add a Panopto Video Quiz in Blackboard guide for instructions on how to add the Panopto quiz to Blackboard Grade Center.

Step 1: Open Panopto and navigate to the video where you would like to add a quiz.

Step 2: In your video library, hover over the video you want to edit, expand the More menu, represented by three vertical dots, and then select Edit.

Step 3: In the left Navigation pane, choose Quizzes.

Step 4: In the Timeline, use your mouse to navigate where you want to place a quiz question. You should see a red line on the timeline, which is also known as the playhead (or scrub bar). The red line should be placed at the exact time you would like to ask your question.

With the playhead in place, click the Add a Quiz button.

Step 5: A new quiz question form will appear. Select your question type from the dropdown menu.

Fill in the remaining form fields with the question and answers. If you need to add an additional answer field, select Add Answer.

Be sure to mark which answer is correct.

Once you have completed the question, you can add additional questions to the Quiz or select Done if completed.

Step 6: On the following screen you can select different Quiz Settings. Take a moment to customize how you would like the quiz to be presented. When done, click Finish on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 7: When you finish adding quiz questions, click Apply. Your students will only see the quiz if you apply the changes and publish the recording.

You have successfully created a quiz in Panopto!

Viewing Quiz Results

Once you’ve deployed the quiz and your students have submitted results, you can check the stats in Panopto. To do this:

Step 1: Navigate to your Panopto folder and find the video where you added the quiz.
Step 2: To access the results of a quiz, hover over the video in the video library and select the Settings button that appears.

Step 3: In the menu listing, look for and click on the Quiz Results. Here you can view the results or save them to your computer.

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