Multimedia for Course Developers

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re most likely developing a course or revising a course for CUNY SPS.  As part of this work it is an expectation that you will create video(s) to introduce the course and the instructor.

As a best practice, it is recommended to make two separate videos; a Course Introduction Video and a Faculty Introduction Video.

  1. Course Introduction (also known as a Course Tour or Course Overview): This is what the course is about and meant to excite students about the new learning. It is delivered in a way that no matter who is teaching the course the video can be placed in multiple sections.
  2. Faculty Introduction: This is a video to greet students and introduce the teacher for the course by providing academic/professional background and other points of interest for a new student. This video is used by the faculty teaching the course so won’t be placed in sections where you are not teaching.
Course Introduction Video example

Faculty Introduction Video Example

Why Make a Video

Making a video in your class is about making a connection with your students.  You’re contributing to the community of the classroom through your presence.   If you’re hesitant, start small.  Make a 30 second video at first. It doesn’t have to be news anchor quality.  Even a short video can build a connection with your audience. The technology can be overwhelming, so pick tools and a workflow that you are comfortable with and get started.

We made this 2-page guide of common Do’s and Don’ts:  Making Video for your Online Class. The links below expand on the 2-page guide.

Three Major Stages – click below for details


Get prepared for your recording. Here are resources to write a script and plan visuals in a storyboard. 



Lights, Camera, Action! It’s time to record, find a technical solution that is manageable.


Now that you’ve made your recording, does your video need a trim? How about captions? How will you share it?