Using a Video

Post-production begins with editing your video (if needed).  Next you’ll need to upload the finished video to a hosting platform, embed the video to Blackboard, and finally request captions.

Video Editing Tools

Most recordings will need small edits, like a trim or cut.  The OFDIT Team recommends using Panopto to both create (produce) and edit your video.  Additionally, all CUNY SPS faculty have access to Screencast-o-matic, Camtasia, and Snagit.  Each of these tools come with advantages and disadvantages. Follow the links below to learn more about each:

Hosting Video

Video files are large and hard to manage, unless you use a hosting platform.  Hosting platforms deliver video as streaming content, so viewers can see the video quickly. Adding video directly to Blackboard should be avoided as this is not a hosting platform.  Please do not upload your video files to the LMS directly it causes playback issues for students and overloads your course site.

Use Panopto Video!
CUNY SPS instructors have access to a robust video hosting platform called Panopto Video.  Think of Panopto as the YouTube for Educators. It’s free to SPS faculty, there are no upload limits, and it’s integrated with our captioning service and Blackboard. Visit our Panopto for SPS Faculty page for details on how to use the platform.

YouTube IconOften faculty at SPS choose to use Youtube over Panopto.  OFDIT can help with YouTube but we don’t have administrative control, therefore we recommend using Panopto to host your CUNY SPS video content. If you choose to use YouTube here are a couple helpful guides:

Adding Captions and/or Transcripts

CUNY SPS uses a professional captioning service, 3Play Media, to caption all video content used in academic courses.

Do you need a video captioned?  Please complete this form to request captionsNo matter where your video is hosted or if the video is owned by a 3rd party, you may submit the video for professional captioning and/or transcription.

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Start the process by planning your video.  The Pre-Production section has resources to get you started.


Decide the technical tools you’ll use to create the video.  The Production section has tutorials to assist you.