Troubleshooting Panopto on Blackboard Mobile (Apple)

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Panopto is the CUNY SPS video platform integrated in Blackboard. This guide is to help troubleshoot a common playback issue with Panopto on the Blackboard Mobile App when using an Apple Device.

If you see the following screens when selecting a Panopto video to view on Blackboard Mobile, this instruction guide will help you be able to view the recording.

Step 1: Go to your Apple device’s Settings app.

Step 2: Locate the Safari tab within the Settings app.

Step 3: Under General disable Block Pop-ups.

Step 4: Return to the Settings menu to locate the Blackboard app.

Step 5: In the Blackboard app settings, enable Allow Cross-Website Tracking.

You have now successfully adjusted your Apple device’s settings to allow video playback of Panopto content within the Blackboard App!

Do you have any questions? For Panopto tutorials and resources visit our support site or send us an email at