Using Audio/Video Feedback in Blackboard

A new recording feature is available for faculty to provide audio or video feedback for students on assessments such as assignments, graded discussions, or wikis and blogs.
Note: No captioning capability is offered for this feature which renders audio/video feedback inacccessible for some students.

When grading an assessment in Blackboard, faculty now have the option to include audio/video feedback. To use this feature go to the grading screen for an assignment:

  • In the Full Grade Center, in the box with the student’s assignment submission, click the downward arrow and select “Grade User Activity.”
  • Click the “A” icon at the bottom of the feedback text window. This opens the full text editor.

  • On the “Feedback to Learner” pop-up window, the audio/video feedback feature appears as a microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the text editor.

Support Materials
See Blackboard Help page for more details on using audio/video feedback and how to test your computer’s microphone and camera.

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