Welcome to our Faculty Advisory Board!

""Dear CUNY SPS Faculty,

We are happy to announce the Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology (OFDIT) has a new Faculty Advisory Board, aka FAB!

The advisory board will play an important role in planning and organizing OFDIT events and activities, as well as serve as liaison to publicize OFDIT programming and initiatives to colleagues. More details on function and selection process can be found on the OFDIT FAB site.

The 2021-22 Advisory Board includes John Bouma, Bradley Gardener, Kenya Harris, Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Linda Paradiso, and Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles, as well as Chris Kchao from Office of Accessibility and Bronwen Stine from IT as ex-officio members.

The very first meeting, held November 2021, included a discussion on the following topics:

  • Scope of work and responsibilities of the Board,
  • OFDIT / Faculty communication (newsletter, listserv, etc.), and 
  • Teaching Excellence Award.

We want to thank all members of the Faculty Advisory Board for this excellent kick-off, and look forward to our continued collaboration. 

We will keep you posted!

Your OFDIT Team


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