How to Access Panopto through Blackboard

In this guide you’ll learn how to access Panopto through Blackboard. Panopto is the video hosting platform at SPS that is integrated into Blackboard.


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Step 1: Go to a course in Blackboard and click on “Tools” from the course menu.*

*Don’t see the Tools Menu? Click here and follow these steps:

*If you don’t see the Tools Menu follow these steps:
Step 2a: Hover over the “Add menu item” which is represented by a plus sign in a circle, then select “Tool link.”

Step 2b: Name the link “Tools” and select “Tools Area” in the Type pull-down menu. You can decide if you want this to be “Available to Users.” And click “Submit.”

Step 3: After clicking on the Tools menu, you’ll see all available tools. Click “Panopto Content.”

Step 4: You are now on the Panopto Application inside Blackboard.

A. Create button: Use this to make a new recording or upload video.
B. Course Folder: Videos in this folder are viewable by your students. Click to switch to another folder.
C. Launch Panopto: This opens the full Panopto site in a new window.

Note: Each Blackboard course site will have a corresponding folder in Panopto. Videos in the Course Folder will automatically grant students permission to view. If you add video to your course that lives outside of the Course Folder, be sure to adjust the permission so students can view. See our support page for details.

Step 5: Click the Launch Panopto button to see full Panopto site.

A. My Folder: this is your personal video repository to manage your video collection.
B. Ensemble Migrations: Users with Ensemble Video content will see their content in this subfolder.
C. Meeting Recordings: Panopto is integrated with the CUNY Zoom to automatically save your cloud recordings. If set up, Zoom Cloud recordings will automatically save here.

We invite you to explore Panopto to learn about its many features including, moving and coping your recordings, editing your video, and creating in-video quizzes to name a few.

If you have any questions, please visit our support site for more resources or send us an email at