Making a Video

Making a video for your class is about making a connection with your students. You are contributing to the community of the classroom through your video presence. If this is new to you start small, make a short video at first. Don’t worry if your video is less than news anchor quality. A less than perfect video will still make a connection with your audience.  The process can be overwhelming, so pick tools and a workflow that you are comfortable with and build on your experience.  Review this guide to get you started: Making Video for your Online Class (a 2-page PDF of common Do’s and Don’ts).

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Start the process by planning your video.  The Pre-Production section has resources to get you started.


Decide the technical tools you’ll use to create the video.  The Production section has tutorials to assist you.

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Most recordings will need small edits, but all videos need to be shared and captioned.  The Post-Production section will show you how.