Use Multimedia Tools

CUNY SPS has a number of multimedia tools for faculty.  The links below will take you to the relevant pages on our site for details.

Production Tools

Use these to create media, screencasts, webcam videos, and more.

  • Screencast-O-Matic Pro – This software can be used to record your screen or webcam and edit video
  • Camtasia – a professional grade webcam/screen recording software available to all CUNY faculty.
  • Snagit – a professional software program that allows you to create, edit and share screen captures and recordings available to all CUNY faculty.

Hosting Video

Panopto Video – CUNY SPS instructors have access to a robust video hosting platform called Panopto.  Think of Panopto as the YouTube for Educators. This service delivers video as streaming content, so viewers can see the video quickly. Adding video directly to Blackboard should be avoided as this is not a hosting platform.  Please do not upload your video files to Blackboard it causes playback issues for students and overloads your course site.

Asynchronous Video Discussions

VoiceThread – A VoiceThread is an online presentation that allows people to discuss media by making comments that combine voice, video, or text, and annotations. People participate whenever and wherever they want. These conversations aren’t live – they just feel that way.

Virtual Meeting Spaces

Zoom Meetings: All CUNY faculty and students have access to Zoom Meetings.  With the CUNY Zoom account you can integrate with DropBox, Panopto, and Calendly (among other tools).  To review the CUNY wide license, visit the Zoom Page on CUNY.EDU.  To sign up for a CUNY Zoom account please visit:

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Within your Blackboard course site, all faculty have access to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  OFDIT has assemble some resources on our Collaborate Ultra page.

Microsoft Teams: CUNY provides access to Microsoft Office 365 for Education to all faculty, staff, and students.  Included in this license is Microsoft Teams, a virtual meeting space.  Here are some links to help with these products:

Stages of Multimedia Production

Below are links to resources to help you 1) Plan your media creation, 2) Produce it, and 3) Polish, share and caption your media.


Start the process by planning your video.  The Pre-Production section has resources to get you started.


Decide the technical tools you’ll use to create the video.  The Production section has tutorials to assist you.

 Post Production Icon


Most recordings will need small edits, but all videos need to be shared and captioned.  The Post-Production section will show you how.