Embedding Panopto Videos into Blackboard

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Panopto is the CUNY SPS video platform integrated in Blackboard. This guide will show you how to embed a Panopto video in Blackboard with the use of the Blackboard content editor.

NOTE: Videos in Panopto contain permission settings to limit who can and can’t see your video. When using the steps below, please note that your students may not have permission to view, unless you adjust these permissions.  There are 2 methods to adjust permissions.  1) Update the overall permissions of the video (quickest way), or 2) Copy the Video into the course’s Panopto folder to share with a specific group. Option 1 can be done at anytime, option 2 must be done before embedding the video seen in the steps below.

Step 1: Create or Edit any item type within Blackboard that utilizes a content editor (ex: Announcements, Discussions, Content Items, etc.).

Step 2: In the content editor, select the More icon (three ellipses) to expand the full toolbar and then select the Add Content icon, which looks like a circle with a plus symbol in it.

Step 3: Select Panopto Video from the Add Content menu.

Step 4: Select a video from the course’s Panopto folder followed by Insert Videos.

NOTE: If you do NOT see your video, you can change the folder using the pull down menu above “Choose” or see our guide to “copy Panopto videos to a Blackboard course folder.”

Step 5: You can adjust the size of the video if you prefer a smaller size. (optional)

Step 6: Click “Submit”

You have now successfully embedded a Panopto video into your Blackboard course.

Do you have any questions? For Panopto tutorials and resources visit our support site or send us an email at FacultySupport@sps.cuny.edu.